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Dionna - The Early Years - Collector Bundle

by Dionna

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The Early Years

UPC 5051813615146
Audio CD
N.1 Disc
Lenght: 29'05"

Packaging: High quality Digipak, sealed.

1. Tonight
2. The Pope Smokes Dope (Feat David Peel) - Originally produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1972
3. It feels too good
4. Never trust a Junkie
5. Play Nero Play
6. Summertime in New York City
7. Feel Me
8. Everyday i am fucked up

The Early Years contains the original versions of Dionna teenage songs.

The american artist sings about the busy nights of a transexual in "Tonight", features with John Lennon's guru David Peel in "The Pope smokes dope" a provocative stoner's/legalize it anthem originally produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1972, tells about the mixed feeling of an heroin addict in "It feels too good" and sings the drug abuse again in "Never trust a Junkie" (in the song's closing dialogue featuring her father Victor Colicchio New York City based actor, screenwriter musician, and songwriter).
She beautifully sings a beatles style patriotic piano ballad in "Play Nero Play" that got big in Rockin' America and in "Summertime in New York City" you can really feel the newyorkese atmosphere like it was a track came from the most inspired Lou Reed.
In "Feel Me" Dionna experiments punk rocking guitars and vocals with new sounds and she goes even further rapping (!) in "Everyday i am fucked up" that describes with precision all the drugs that she used to take everyday.
This is definitely a collector bundle that includes freebies like one autographed Dionna poster (in five variations, you will get one of them) and 5 stickers.
Price includes worldwide shipping with express courier.

They said about her:

Les Paul: “an innate talent combined with exemplary technique, in the body of a girl of 15 years”

Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies) “will have a great future. A wonderful voice, a pleasure to play with you ”

Spike Lee: “Do not be fooled by her sweet smile and his eyes and blond hair girl, that was born and raised to rule the world”

Marky Ramone: “His songs are great, and will be remembered for decades to come”

David Peel, “since you played in the city, New York city is no longer the same”

Mira Sorvino: “a real talent. an artist in the round, absolutely unique. ”